Moviewatch  Vol. III


The 1st edition of the moviewatch (2004-2006) was presenting som dozens of tv-series.


The 2nd ed (2007-2013) was constructed with the early joomla-cms (1.51) featuring more than 200 TV-series, a cover-archiv with 300 covers from a german tv-magazine and about 300 (branch-sorted) videoclips (adds).

In 2013 the was hacked and I found no time to fix it. Since now.


First item getting re-published will be the database, which contains more than 18.000 Episodes (just title, actors, directors and writers).

The actual joomla-cms (3.53) is featuring some nice databse-utilities. During the next weeks I´m going to reorganize the database-stuff. 

Hope you´ll like & use it. 

                               CU soon.